Jonathan Brooker is the lead pastor and founding church planter of Alive Church in Fredericksburg, VA. Though originally from central Pennsylvania and having graduated from Valley Forge Christian College near Philadelphia, Jonathan was living and youth pastoring in Maryland in 2014 when he sensed God calling him to leave all of the comfort and certainty of what was known, for a city he had never even heard of before. The journey of starting with absolutely nothing and no one was certainly a daunting challenge for him as he dreamt of this church that God had given him a vision for. And while he (on most days) had faith that God would give the necessary provision for this vision, there was no way to imagine the wild ride that God would lead him on to see this life-giving church now become a reality.

Board of Overseers 

Alive Church is lead pastor-led and elder-advised, but it is under the ultimate authority of our board of overseers. The board of overseers is comprised of these experienced and respected church leaders: 


Pastor Bryan Briggs || Destination Church

Bryan Briggs is the lead and founding pastor of Destination Church, a church home for over 2,000 people in greater Richmond, VA area which has just recently opened up the doors to a 3rd campus, in addition to the fully functional theater their church owns and operates. 


Pastor Josh Mayo || Cross Church

Josh Mayo is the lead and founding pastor of Cross Church in Atlanta, GA which just celebrated its second year anniversary as a church with a long list of great reports from what God has done in just two years so far. 



Pastor Joshua Symonette || National Community Church

A former Redskins player turned Kingstowne campus pastor of the incredible National Community Church in the DC metro, Joshua Symonette's passions for leadership development, authentic discipleship, and diversity in the church make him a great addition to the team!



Transparent Finances

The financial health of our church is protected by our church bylaws which contains strong financial protective measures that include, but are not limited to: (% of the current year’s budget): 35% cap on building expenses, 35% cap on salaries, 10% minimum given to support church planting, and 20% cap on ministry costs & expenses, and the next year’s budget can never exceed more than 90% of the previous year’s income. This helps create margin to ensure the financial health of the church.